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Sharing moments of kindness both big and small, pushing each other to reach our goals, and celebrating relationships that help us all grow, this holiday season we are proud to cheer what it means to be a team of friends.

Each holiday season our Studio Eagle team comes together to reflect on a successful year and welcome a new. For 2019, we hosted a company Friendsgiving to share a bite, raise a glass, and honor the close-knit culture of inspiration and teamwork we have come to foster each and every day.

We spoke with a few of our long-standing Eagles, as well as those newly onboarded to share in conversation and learn more about their experiences at our holiday Friendsgiving:

As a newly onboarded team member, what did you enjoy most about participating in your very first Studio Eagle Friendsgiving event?

I initially thought I’d be unable to make it, but was so glad I was! It was a pleasure to meet the full Studio Eagle team and share conversation, food, and laughs with them. I can’t express how excited I am for my future at Studio Eagle.

Sean Puzzo, Graphic Designer

Sean Puzzo, Graphic Designer and team at Studio Eagle Friendsgiving.

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and all of the different food that everyone prepared. Food is a connection that all people have, so it’s a great way to get to know someone and to discover new flavors. Could you imagine how sad we would be if we had to eat the same item for 80 years straight?

Veronica Soltysik, Senior Interior Designer

Veronica Soltysik, Senior Interior Designer and team at Studio Eagle Friendsgiving.

What was the inspiration behind preparing your favorite holiday dish?

Model making is in my bones, even when it comes down to preparing food! I made strawberry “santas” with cut up strawberries and cream cheese filling. When it comes to potluck celebrations I like to keep the recipe simple while adding a fun and creative twist.

Amanda Garbarino, Architectural Designer

Amanda Garbarino, Architectural Designer and team at Studio Eagle Friendsgiving.

To compliment the floral arrangements I always enjoy preparing for our company events, for the Friendsgiving this year I wanted to share a light taste of Poland at the table as well!

 Aneta Stepien, Designer / Furniture Specialist

Aneta Stepien, Designer / Furniture Specialist at Studio Eagle Friendsgiving.

Cheers to friendship, teamwork, and the holiday season here at Studio Eagle!