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Currently under construction, the design created for Rising Pharmaceuticals opens up working areas to bring in natural light and new opportunities for collaboration.

Two of the members of our design team — design director Mark Lo Bue and senior interior designer Danielle Ocasio — recently discussed the changes planned for the space, including a dramatic transition from a dark, enclosed space to an open, bright, and transparent concept.

Design Director Mark Lo Bue with Studio Eagle Technical Director Mike Macdonald.

opening up the space

The existing office was large but quite enclosed, which could be constricting for members of the team.

They identified that they needed better flow and a lot more collaboration than their current office architecture was limiting them to. Our first recommendation was to move toward a more open floor plan, bringing teams together and improving the overall flow.

 Mark Lo Bue, Design Director

Rising Pharmaceuticals floor plan sketch.

bringing natural light in

Most members of the Rising Pharmaceuticals team were used to working in a space that was quite dark. Executive offices lined the perimeter of the existing space, preventing light from shining into more central parts of the space.

Light was big for this project. When we opened up the floor plan, we took everything off the walls, moving offices off of the windows and into the center of the space.

 Danielle Ocasio, Senior Interior Designer

With the windows exposed, light pours into the space, even into the offices and conference rooms, which are enclosed in transparent, full-height glass.

Rising Pharmaceuticals in progress construction. Location: Saddle Brook, NJ.

bringing teams together

Partway into the design, Rising Pharmaceutical’s and its parent company, Aceto, announced the acquisition of another group. Our team quickly adjusted the design strategy to account for more desks and create spaces that would help the teams through this transition.

We made it easier for people to work with each other. Adjacencies were very important, and we included open huddle rooms and conference rooms so they can touch down and meet. Before, people had to call, email, or pull extra chairs into a private office to collaborate.

 Danielle Ocasio, Senior Interior Designer

branding the space

Throughout the design process, our team looked for ways to co-brand the space, pulling in elements from Rising Pharmaceuticals’ rising sun identity, as well as a sunburst for the firm’s parent company, Aceto.

We replicated this imagery throughout the space. For example, the design includes a wood slat ceiling that looks like a sun bursting through the reception area and piercing into the conference room walls.

 Danielle Ocasio, Senior Interior Designer

Rising Pharmaceuticals 3D rendering, Reception.

With design complete and construction well underway, the new Rising Pharmaceuticals space will be complete by November 1, 2017. The client and our team are thrilled at what’s to come.

Their current space is night and day from what we’re designing for them now.

 Mark Lo Bue, Design Director

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