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Rolling up our sleeves, cheers to a job well done, and passing smiles as we welcome new team members, are just a few of the sights and sounds found on our journey as Eagles.

In August of 2017, our team celebrated the launch of our new brand and moving into our new space – one year later we hosted an event to commemorate our history, our current successes, and more importantly our people who make all we do possible.

We asked ourselves, how can we keep the Eagle pride soaring? In response we took some time to enjoy a group lunch, create a company mural, and end our day celebrating our second home, Studio Eagle.

We spoke with a few of our team members to understand further not only their experience at the event but what brings out the best in them as an Eagle:

What did you enjoy most about your part in the company mural?

I thought Human Resources did a great job in building the perfect analogy to how each and every member contributes to the overall company vision every day. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

 Bruce Emtage, Managing Director

Bruce Emtage, Managing Director and Studio Eagle team.

It was a great experience to see each one individually contributing a small piece of their talent and then watch it come together so seamlessly at the end to create the intended vision! I thought it provided a great analogy of the very process and mission of our company.

 Randall Emtage, Project Director

Randall Emtage, Project Director and Studio Eagle team.


Although the tasks and challenges vary each day, the one thing that remains the same is the team of friends I work with. I love going to work each day with the certainty that I will be with people who make me happy. We understand the importance of having fun at work, and that can be seen in some part of each day.

 Amanda Markham, Administrative Director

Amanda Markham, Administrative Director and Studio Eagle team.

The challenge – the type of projects we do are one of a kind! To see a project when it is finished, and how unique it is, makes it all worth it. To be able to say I built that is what it’s all about!

 Joe Aiello, Senior Superintendent

Joe Aiello, Senior Superintendent and Studio Eagle team.

Cheers to our one-year anniversary as Studio Eagle!