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Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work designing a new brand and a new studio for our firm. Today, we are thrilled to unveil our refreshed name, look, website, and space.

meet studio eagle

After years of serving our clients as The Eagle Group, we took a close look at what this name says about who we are and what we do. Working closely with a branding firm, we dug into extensive research, interviewing clients, leadership, and staff to find the best path forward.

Today, we are officially Studio Eagle. While “Studio” is more reflective of the collaborative way in which we work, “Eagle” carries on the tradition of the exceptional service we’ve offered clients over several decades and hundreds of projects.

Studio Eagle logo.

the workplace redefined

We used those same conversations with clients, leadership, and staff to reframe the way we tell our story. Our new tagline, “The Workplace Redefined,” captures the design-led philosophy we bring to every project.

Next, we stepped back to really consider what it is that makes us unique. Again and again, our clients told us it was our process that sets us apart. With that, we identified our four key “must-haves” for project success: far-sighted strategy, design-driven solutions, risk-free delivery, and exceptional client service. Together, these factors lead us to create workplaces that envision a more innovative, more profitable, and more human business future for our clients.

The new look

To complement our name change, we’re introducing a new brand identity, color palette, and website to represent this new chapter for our firm. The new Studio Eagle website is viewable from any device, and puts the most important things first: our work and our team.

Studio Eagle Business Cards.

our collaborative new studio

As workplace designers, we couldn’t leave our space out of this process of reinvention. Every day, we preach the importance of creating an open, collaborative space that fosters communication and improves productivity. With the latest workplace best practices in mind, we looked for ways to turn our own space into a living case study to share with our clients.

With that, we are beyond excited to unveil our gorgeous new studio — a space we are proud to bring our clients and industry partners to visit, and where every member of our team can do what they do best. We invite you to visit and see the war room where we hash out key design decisions, the library where we gather inspiration, and the open floor plan where our teams work side by side. Be sure to stop by our exquisitely designed kitchen for a cappuccino, or grab a beer and a round of darts in our new game room.

Studio Eagle Living Room. Location: Springfield, NJ.

Today is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our firm. We are thrilled to continue to build relationships with our clients and take on challenging new projects as Studio Eagle in a space that redefines everything we do. Cheers!

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