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As we prepare to return to the workplace and continue to imagine the office of the future in this age of COVID-19, designing for today and for what tomorrow might bring is the way our Studio Eagle team builds that future.

WELCOME TO WHAT IT MEANS TO Redefine the Workplace

Studio Eagle is a workplace design firm with integrated construction capabilities focusing on corporate offices and headquarters. From turning the century to starting new decades year after year we continue to collaborate with our clients to envision a more innovative, more profitable, and more human business future.

WE BELIEVE WE ARE BETTER When we are with other people

Like you, we can’t wait to get back to the office. Teams around our world continue to invest in office spaces to encourage innovation and collaboration, create environments that foster company cultures – ensuring each voice can be heard, and to provide safe and flexible spaces where we can generate powerful ideas together redefining the workplace. From our perspective, it all starts with an approach.


Our design services have always been structured as a phased approach: Far-Sighted Strategy, Design-Driven Solutions, and Risk-Free Integrated Delivery. This step-by-step methodology couldn’t be more relevant today as we believe a best plan of action in understanding and supporting your employees’ working environment needs, is a progression. Each action thoughtfully informs the next.

Are you faced with the challenge of reimagining your current office to support your employees return to their workplace?

  • Prepared Action + Re-entry: In this first phase of approach, we will deep dive into knowledge and management of your office conditions offering flexibility and reassurance to your employees as they prepare to return to the office.
  • Reimagination + Safety for Your People: Next, we will work with your team to take into consideration adjustments to your furniture assets and how to support your employee and visitor needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Measurable Results + Innovation: Finally, we will derive insights from technology systems to drive productivity and analysis of your workspace availabilities understanding the overall performance of your reimagined office environment.

Are you looking to embark on the journey of a new environment post COVID-19?

From the onset of our Far-Sighted Strategy phase we will uncover ways of supporting: employee density, working styles, and collaboration. This focus aligns with what we seek to explore for our clients every day – empowering them to make best practice decisions for their workplace to support teams in whatever comes their way.

  • Location Study
  • Cultural + Business Analysis
  • Workstyle Analysis
  • Workplace + Brand Position
  • Office Design Strategy
  • Delivery

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