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At Studio Eagle, we’re lucky to spend our days collaborating with our broad range of sub-contractors and suppliers to design workplaces for amazing clients. Not every day is easy, though. When times get tough, we all come together as a team, supporting one another with new opportunities in every problem we solve.

By listening to our clients during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, our Studio Eagle team is now mobilizing to provide an office maintenance program for corporate workspaces while their staff is currently away.

Supporting our Human Resources teams

As our Human Resources teams work tirelessly to be able to give their employees the comfort they deserve, we have been proactive in their facilities to make sure they are a destination ready to once again welcome their people to do their best work.

  • Touch-up/repainting
  • Carpeting replacement/cleaning
  • Sanitizing all equipment, desks, and electronics
  • Steam clean of panel fabrics
  • Appliance servicing/replacement
  • Duct cleaning (including registers)
  • Cleaning of ceiling tiles
  • Hand sanitizer stands/stations
  • Touchless plumbing fixtures
  • Entry systems (card access, automatic door release)
  • Workstation dividers

Collaborating with your Human Resources team to continue to provide reassurance during this time, we will prepare a welcome back card to sit on all employee desks sharing these efforts completed on your behalf.


At Studio Eagle, we believe there is no better time than now to implement what our team is positioned to provide while offices are vacant of staff. Here’s why:

  1. Uninterrupted, straight shift time to mobilize, remove, and install
  2. Quicker implementation of systems and finishes
  3. Quick-ship, in-stock material and equipment
  4. Requires no permit process

With each new day our Studio Eagle family continues to be committed to our clients from wherever we may be during this time. For questions about our office maintenance program and to contact us today, please send us a note at hello@studio-eagle.com.¬†We’re here to encourage ourselves to encourage each other.