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Our Studio Eagle team recently attended the 2018 AIA Conference on Architecture in New York City. To learn more about this creative experience, and our evolving role in architectural design, we sat down with our Junior Architect William Peralta.

STUDIO EAGLE: What experiences can you share with us after attending the conference?

William: The day began with AIA lectures in the morning followed by Expo Ed in the afternoon. I attended an interesting lecture about Superstorm Sandy which discussed the impact of architectural design and the role it can play in preparing homes and buildings for disaster. The second lecture I attended provided valuable insight about how architects can successfully run their own business.

Architecture Expo. Location: AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, New York City, New York.

NCARB (National Council of Architecture Registration Board) is an important organization for those studying to receive their architecture degree. At this conference they provided information and lectures on the courses. To complete this difficult degree and qualify for the final exam, you must first successfully complete five years in architecture school and approximately 3,800 hours of work that is stamped by a certified architect. The NCARB made their presence at the conference by hosting small events, providing giveaways and playing games.

STUDIO EAGLE: Sustainability and taking care of our communities is important. As an architect what do you think your role is and what perspectives did you learn at AIA?

At the conference, I learned a lot about resiliency. Since New York and New Jersey are often prone to flooding, we reviewed different ways we could effectively prepare for natural disasters of this nature. Also, I learned about a variety of materials and solutions that are environmentally friendly and can protect buildings. For example, installing triple pane windows, reusing water in toilets and the use of solar panels are ways that architects can contribute to sustainable design.

STUDIO EAGLE: After attending the AIA Conference, can you share with us a bit about your newfound inspiration for upcoming projects?

William Peralta, Junior Architect at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018. Location: New York City, New York.

Going forward, this conference taught me how to maximize user experience when it comes to design. Companies are creating fun and interactive lobbies and work-spaces for employees. I believe it is important to find the balance between fun and professional. Employees should feel relaxed so they enjoy coming to work. Private and public glass walls can help to create and define a meeting space within an organization.