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Our team has designed custom wayfinding and signage solutions for our very own headquarters to reinforce safety and distancing.

As we continue to return to the workplace in this age of COVID-19, we believe at Studio Eagle it is our responsibility to design not only for today but for what tomorrow might bring. As we collaborate with our clients to envision a more innovative, more profitable, and more human business future we all desire, we’ve come to realize that starting close to home, or in this case our very own studio space, is where our development and solutions can take direction and first come to life.

Studio Eagle Corridor. Location: Springfield, NJ.

In March 2020, our team initiated the development of a program called “Redefining the Workplace for a New Tomorrow”. One design service of ours is the creation of “Environmental Wayfinding & Signage” where we have discovered the impact a friendly, visual reminder can have.

COVID-19 has redefined nearly every aspect of our lives – design included. When creating designs for the studio’s Return-to-Work signage I felt it was important to strike a balance between the grave nature of COVID-19 and creating a warm solution. We designed a system inspired from elements in our brand equity which offered friendly, visual reminders of the best ways to stay safe in our studio.

Sean Puzzo, Graphic Designer

Studio Eagle Living Room. Location: Springfield, NJ.

From the kitchen to the conference room, our own solutions utilize our Studio Eagle brand equities to visualize safe practices, inform on maximum capacity, and instruct movement through directional wayfinding.

Studio Eagle Kitchen. Location: Springfield, NJ.

The office can seem like a different place as our staff settles into the “new normal” of working life. Without compromising employee health and safety, we have managed to preserve the “human touch” during this time of social distancing with friendly and eye-catching graphics. Whether a desktop reminder, floor wayfinding, or an inviting Welcome Back Package, Studio Eagle continues to do what we do best – Redefine the Workplace.

Amanda Markham, Administrative Director

Studio Eagle Package Area. Location: Springfield, NJ.

As designers, strategists, construction managers, and everyone in between, we’re in the business of providing safe and flexible spaces where we can continue to generate powerful ideas together – redefining the workplace for many years to come.

Studio Eagle Let’s Meet. Location: Springfield, NJ.

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Embarking on your transition back into the office? Let’s talk about how we can work apart, together. Click here for our two page brief on our program “Redefining the Workplace for a New Tomorrow” today.

Continuing The Conversation

Interested in extending your Return-to-Workplace solutions outside your interior? We’re here to help however best we can.

We’ve learned from our ongoing research that while office trends come and go, the impact that the office environment as a whole has on employee wellbeing and health does not change.

Let’s talk today about how we can help you bring the outdoors in and reimagine your exterior space safely and effectively for your team to once again come together and enjoy.