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Our team is proud to be a part of such fantastic work amongst our global office design community!

To be ranked #12 on the Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2018 by Office Snapshots has been both a thrilling and humbling experience for our Studio Eagle family. In celebration, we came together as a team to raise a glass, reflect on a job well done, and welcome in a new year of office design.

At Studio Eagle, our new office has been everything we encourage our clients to strive for: a workplace that’s open, collaborative, and deeply reflective of our brand. As our previous space lacked many of the amenities that are essential to our work, we are grateful every day to now come to a studio that incorporates areas that enhance every part of our process.

Our new space defines our identity – not only as an architectural design firm, but as who we are as individual people. For me, the creative process continues to be the act of making new connections between old ideas. To design our new space, I simply needed to take every key space that was critical to our business and redefine it based on what was prohibiting us from working more efficiently. At the end of the day, I wanted to work in a space I could feel just as comfortable as I did at home.

 Komel Saeed, Senior Interior Designer

Komel Saeed, Senior Interior Designer in Studio Eagle Workstation Area. Location: Springfield, NJ.