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In the traditional delivery process, designs are turned over to a third-party team when it comes to implementation. At Studio Eagle, we prefer a more integrated approach, where designers and builders can work together. At the end of the day, shouldn’t design decisions made be design decisions implemented?

We went behind the build with our Senior Site Supervisor, Aaron High, and Site Laborer, Vincent Buzzi to learn a bit more about their process.

STUDIO EAGLE: How do you define a conventional construction model?

Aaron: In the conventional construction model, usually the construction team is totally out of the process until they step foot on the job site. The site supervisor usually has little say in what gets done, and the construction team will get handed the drawings and just complete what’s on the paper.

This isn’t the case with our model. The way we work involves our team calling out any concerns to ensure we build the best we can. And we’ll speak to our designers every day – in the conventional construction model, this doesn’t happen.

Studio Eagle Site Laborer Vincent Buzzi with Senior Site Supervisor Aaron High. Location: ControlTek USA, Bridgewater, NJ.

Vincent: Our process involves a lot more communication with the designers and the clients. Playing off what Aaron said, this definitely gives a better finished product and makes the client very happy to see the project come through as they envisioned it. It’s nice to deliver a good, finished product to someone you find yourself working so closely with throughout the process.

STUDIO EAGLE: What role do you find construction plays in an integrated project delivery approach?

Aaron: If a wall doesn’t work correctly, we’ll work with the designer and client to make the situation better. We do a lot of video chats out here. With all the busy schedules, and everyone on the move, we find a lot of pictures and FaceTime calls give us that communication back and forth. At the end of the day our goal is for the design vision to come through. As a team we do our very best to make any impossible possible.

Vincent: Sometimes we find clients have a hard time visualizing the space. Having the opportunity to bring the client in and work with them not only helps them envision the space but allows us to deliver the project in a timely manner. We do what we can every day to bring the vision from paper to a real-world application.

STUDIO EAGLE: In what ways does collaboration go beyond the walls you build?

Vincent: We definitely collaborate with both the office aspect as well as other aspects. We work in a creative way through conversing and brainstorming together either with the designers or subcontractors to bring the vision to life.

Studio Eagle Site Laborer Vincent Buzzi and Senior Site Supervisor Aaron High in conversation with subcontracting team. Location: ControlTek USA, Bridgewater, NJ.

Aaron: My biggest reward on these jobs is when the client walks in and you see the look on their face. That smile is really the reward for me. You just get a nice sense of accomplishment. There are so many people involved and collaborating in our process every day – and we get to see it evolve from start to finish in the months that pass.

Once the client moves into the space we find we are still involved as far as how the client lives in the space in the days and weeks that follow. We’ll take that extra step to tweak the space to their likings and keep the communication open. We enjoy making sure that their space is 100% functional for them and putting the finishing touches on the project.

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