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At Studio Eagle, together when we collaborate with our clients, we can envision a more innovative, more profitable, and more human business future. The relationships that grow with our clients continue to drive all that we do.

We sat down with our Business Development Director, Mark Druckenmiller, and Client Relations Director, Radha Kalaria, to talk about the process that extends beyond the first introduction.

STUDIO EAGLE: What do you find clients look for in a partner?

Mark: Our clients look for a partner who is trustworthy and who understands their vision– someone who helps them find solutions for their pain points. At Studio Eagle, this is something we work hard to do every day.

Radha: Clients look for someone who is going to take them from “A to Z”. They basically want someone knowledgeable in the industry who can guide them and work with them seamlessly.

From Left to Right: Bill Herchakowski (Project Architect), Mark Druckenmiller (Business Development Director), Radha Kalaria (Client Relations Director). Location: Springfield, NJ.

STUDIO EAGLE: What drives your decision making and internal process?

Radha: Our process is results driven and outcome accountable. We pay special attention to client defined parameters before presenting any solutions.

Mark: We continue to be passionate about solving problems for a client’s organization. I believe our workplace design solutions are creative and powerful enough to solve any complex business and/or client problem.

Studio Eagle Values Wall. Location: Springfield, NJ.

STUDIO EAGLE: Have you seen clients’ perspective change regarding workspace design? if so, in what ways?

Radha: Yes. Clients’ perspective has changed a lot in recent years. Earlier it was the budget and trying to fit in program requirements. Now, it has evolved to a much larger conversation, such as employee retention, company culture, employee experience of the space… and the list goes on! Also, I believe clients have evolved to be more open and receptive of new ideas and are keeping abreast with workplace trends.

Mark: Absolutely. Clients are now more brand conscious and wanting to celebrate their values and culture. I believe workplace design is a tool– one of the biggest to attract and retain top talent. Real estate is the second largest expense after wage, so why not optimize the investment?