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Brand Research

Leadership Workshops

Employee Surveys


Site Reviews

Site Surveys

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Capital Budgets

A successful workplace doesn’t begin at the door. It begins with a long-term vision.

While other design firms jump straight into design, we pause, taking the time to develop a well-researched strategy based on the problem we’re solving, the space our client currently has, and how their team works best.

In this process, we predict trends and offer guidance through rapidly changing environments. We help clients take advantage of emerging opportunities that others don’t see. We’re resourceful and imaginative, finding paths over and around roadblocks to get things done. And we move quickly to create solutions that are both practical and inspiring.


We work closely with our clients to identify project objectives, business culture priorities, operational dynamics, and technical requirements. The more we know, the more effective our solutions will be.

Leadership Workshop

As part of the visioning process, we host leadership workshops to better understand what is and isn’t working in a client’s existing space. By sitting down with directors and other members of the C-suite, we are able to gather key information and ensure that our strategy is right on target.

Space Utilization Survey

We visit our client’s existing properties to determine how the square footage is being utilized. By analyzing shared and unusable spaces, we’re able to uncover unexpected opportunities, offering more value to the client and their team.


This working document guides strategy for our team, real estate brokers, and other important stakeholders in the design process, empowering everyone to work together to create the best possible space.

Building Comparisons and Due Diligence

For clients who are looking to move to a new property, we work alongside real estate brokers to determine whether the program is feasible in any given space. From here, we produce test fit drawings for a shortlisted selection of buildings.

We create a due diligence report for selected spaces to determine whether there are conditions that require negotiation before our client signs the lease. We offer this project management service to ensure that clients have all of the right information before committing to a space.

Work Style Analysis

Our team is always learning about the latest in workplace strategy and design, gathering inspiration from industry conferences and continuing education courses to deliver cutting-edge ideas and insights for client spaces.

Brand Research

Our team is always looking for creative ways to integrate a client’s brand into the workplace. We look beyond standard branding techniques to bring the organization to life through imagery, dimensional pieces, and creative applications of the products our clients make and sell.