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Project Management

Construction Administration

Site Supervision

Trade Coordination

Permits and Approvals

Move Management

FF&E Coordination

We’ve built a new model for workplace delivery, seamlessly integrating design and construction to bring your space to life, just as you envisioned it.

The conventional construction model is built to fail: collaboration breaks down, fingers are pointed and voices are raised, delays and cost-overruns are almost inevitable, and all of these risks fall on the client.

At Studio Eagle, we find this model unacceptable. With our collaborative tools and methodology, delivery can be faster and costs can be controlled at every point. Design decisions made are design decisions implemented.

Built by the Team that Designed It

In the traditional delivery process, designs are turned over to a third-party team for implementation. We prefer a more integrated approach, where designers and builders work together toward a unified vision for the space.

Involving Construction Experts Early and Often

To ensure a seamless transition, our construction management team gets involved long before drawings are complete. For fast-track projects, this means we can release long lead times early to get the job done sooner. It’s a true integrated project delivery model that saves our clients time and money.

Preconstruction Pays Off

Our preconstruction managers serve as a liaison between design and construction, ensuring that the strategy and vision created early in the process are carried through to completion. These experts are trained to look at every decision holistically, considering aesthetics, delivery time, and cost at every turn.